Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Playdates (Oct and Nov)

Over the last few months I've tried to bring Reagan to as many playdates as possible so she realizes there's other people out there besides her mom! Luckily, she loves these gatherings, not only because she gets to see other babies, but she gets to play with new toys, as I think she's getting bored with the ones we have at home. I also enjoy chatting with all the mothers and bouncing ideas off of each other.

Most of the pictures below are from outings with people from our prenatal group; though, I've also gone to several BCT (Brussels Childbirth Trust Oranization) playdates which are held every Tuesday in my neighborhood. Every once in awhile I make it out to the main center, Imagine, for some of the baby music and action classes which Reagan loves.

Reagan had fun with the new toys at Jo's place. The mothers from our prenatal group and their babies gathered at Jo's for a nice lunch in October before maternity leave ended for some.

Oisin, Kate, Reagan and Luke at Jo's place My little cow...Thanks to one of my friends, Michelle Feit and fam for her adorable cow outfit!
Patrick and Reagan are really close in age...I think a week or less apart
Reagan and I visiting one of our friends, Maisie, who just had a baby boy, Isaac, in October
Reagan doesn't know quite what to think of little Isaac...maybe she's jealous that he has more hair than her already!
Reagan and Nilou having a stare down (Prenatal group friends, Nina and Antoine's baby girl)
Reagan must have thought something was funny while Nilou looks on
I think Nilou was trying to console Reagan since she was getting fussy
Kate, Reagan and Nilou had a fun time at a playdate at our apartment (prenatal group friends' babies)
Kate, Reagan and Nilou enjoyed playing with toys and attempted to interact with each other, anyway, as much as babies can!
Kate and Reagan...I think Reagan is a little concerned that Kate has her favorite toy!
Reagan and Nilou sharing a book; though both were more fascinated by eating the rings