Monday, November 17, 2008

Deloitte 'Away Day' for GES Group (Oct 3)

On October 3, Shannon went to a GES (Global Employer Services) 'Away Day' in Antwerp (GES is a service line of Deloitte that Shannon works under). Unfortunately, it was only for Deloitte people, so I wasn't able to attend. It was a Wild West theme, hence the cowboy photos below. Shannon actually fit the role fairly well, coming from a country background and all. It was a day full of team building activities, including bull riding, roping, riding Skegways through a maze of hay bales, performing a rain dance, shooting a pellet gun and bow and arrow and lastly a race carrying a canoe (they were supposed to be in the water, but it was raining). Later that evening, the festivities turned to a dinner in full Wild West dress, followed by drinking and dancing. Surprisingly enough, no country music was played, mostly just 80's and techno music.

Shannon's colleagues sporting their Wild West outfits at the evening banquet
The US GES Group in Brussels (Jonathan, Pieter, Thomas, Shannon, Arushikha and Eric)
Shannon stayed on longer than most of his colleagues, but was quite sore the next day
Shannon managed to rope the steer two out of three throws

Jonathan the Canadian Cowboy

Thomas maneuvering his Skegway

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