Saturday, January 31, 2009

Veurne, a small town in West Flanders, Belgium (Jan 24)

Somewhere I had heard that the town of Veurne, Belgium was worth visiting, so Shannon and I took a road trip there one Saturday. It is a very old, charming little town 6 km from the Belgian Coast and close to the French border. One of its most famous inhabitants was the surrealist painter Paul Delvaux (1897 - 1994). We enjoyed walking around the city and taking pictures of all the cute old buildings. We had to stop for an afternoon snack in one of the cafes on the main square, which consisted of a delicious chocolate crepe with some tea.

After visiting Veurne, we decided to head for the coast since we were so close. We stopped off at a town just before Oostende and walked on the beach until we got too cold. I wouldn't say Belgium has the greatest coast by any means, but I suppose it's much nicer in the Summer months. There were a few youngsters riding around on strange looking go-garts / pedal cars.

Old Market Square in Veurne

Architecture from the 1500s, if you look close enough you can read the date on the building

Inside the church near the Market Square
Cute buildings in the Market Square with the church in the background
Another side of the main Square
More photos of the Market Square
Nice architecture
More architecture I like! (maybe one day when we move back, Shannon will build us a house like the ones we've enjoyed seeing in Belgium; though, unlikely we'll be able to afford it!)
Some more fascinating buildings (notice the eagle on the center peak)
Another church
Upclose photo of the church tower which also has a clock on it
I loved this building for some reason! (maybe Shannon will model our dream house after this one...we both have endless ideas, so probably will never happen!)
Another side of the Market Square (notice the deer on the right was very normal to have animals perched on the tops of buildings)
Belgium's coast (I told you it wasn't too exciting this time of year!)
A few kids were enjoying riding the go-carts / pedal cars near the beach

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