Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week before the arrival of our daughter (Jul 11 - 18)

Even though my due date was July 13, I figured I'd go late especially since my mother was 1-2 weeks late with all of us children. Shannon and I had a pretty laid back weekend where we ended up doing some shopping, going on a few walks, eating at a Thai restaurant and watching a movie (Wild Hogs, I believe). I also made it to my weekly Wednesday Farmer's Market at Chatelain with some of my friends where we enjoyed a nice drink (smoothie for me) in the afternoon sun. In addition, my doctor had told me to walk as much as possible so my friend Stephanie and I did two long walks in the forest. Shannon worked the whole week except for Friday since it didn't look promising that I was going to pop anytime soon. We had doctor appointments on July 10 and again on July 16 when we decided to schedule an appointment to get induced for the upcoming weekend (more on that in the next blog entry). Shannon also helped me out with some cleaning over the weekend. I did most of the dusting while he vacuumed. Later on I actually mopped the floors. I cleaned the bathroom and toilet room and did lots of laundry; plus my favorite, the never-ending pile of dishes since we don't have a dishwasher. By the way I don't really enjoy cleaning so this wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but I wanted the place to be spotless for our little one. I'm not sure if I/we've ever cleaned this much for our guests, so sorry in advance for those who haven't, but plan on visiting us!

Since I didn't want to have to cook a bunch when returning home from the hospital, I decided to pack our freezer full of premade meals including items such as lasagna, chicken enchiladas and mushroom cheese runzas. Our freezer isn't that big, so it filled up quickly. Oh, I also made some cookies and butterscotch chocolate chip marshmallow brownie bars since it would be wrong if there weren't any sweets around! I also made a strawberry rhubarb pie for my husband since he loves them so much; plus I figured I'd be kind to him now since I probably wouldn't be so nice in the delivery room! His mom makes them all the time, so I try to make him at least one a year to satisfy his craving. Another item I experimented making was pesto since I have a huge basil and Thai basil plant. It was pretty easy and will definitely make it again when my plants grow back as I butchered them quite a bit.

Otherwise the baby's room was pretty much complete and our bags were packed. The exciting, yet life changing event, was just around the corner!

I've included a few pictures of my last week being pregnant and some baking I did.

I had just gotten my haircut since I figured I wouldn't have much time afterwards (this photo was taken on July 15 in our apartment)

Taking a walk by the ponds next to our apartment
Someone passing by asked us if we'd like a picture taken together
Shannon wanted me to show off my BIG belly with our apartment in the background (the building with the bay windows with the light on is our apartment)
My personal basketball...I can't believe how much a pregnant belly's skin can stretch; I just hope it goes back!
Night landscape around the ponds
Here is the delicious strawberry rhubarb pie which I made for Shannon. I finally used my fancy polish pottery pie plate that I had bought at the Polish Pottery Outlet in The Netherlands back in April (I also plan on using the pan to make quiches)
Here is our tasty penne pesto meal. I made the pesto in my food processor from our fresh basil plants

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Reid said...

yummy treats. i can't believe how productive you were. I didn't do any of that - but then again I was 3 weeks early. congrats!!!