Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Party at our friends' apt (Oct 31)

For Halloween we attended a party at one of our friends' apartments, Leah and Nathan's (Nathan works with Shannon at Deloitte). It was nice that they also included children though Reagan was the only one who came. Luckily, she was a little angel and slept over three quarters of the night in their spare bedroom in her cozy car seat. Thus, Mom and Dad were able to enjoy a few drinks and yummy treats over some adult conversation. A fun time was had by all and almost everyone dressed up for the occasion!

Shannon and his 'make shift' pumpkin costume with our little pumpkin, thanks to my friend, Charity, for the cute pumpkin onesie she sent Reagan. I helped Shannon sew on the pumpkin face to his orange shirt which he stuffed with pillows
The yummy and nicely decorated cupcakes Leah made. I loved the eye ball and RIP ones!
Leah and Nathan carved pumpkins which were on their terrace. Also pictured are some tasty apples with peanut butter. I love that combo!
Some cute 'deviled' eggs
The 'Obese Pumpkin' and the 'Domestic Diva' in her apron (simple, but at least we attempted to dress up!)
Not sure who Brittany was suppose to be, but Lou was Walter Cronkite
Brittany (?), Jani (devil), me (domestic diva) and Stephanie (Bridezilla)
Stephanie went as a 'Beer Goddess' while Rick was a 'Trappist Monk'...very fitting since they both love Belgium beer!
Jessie was Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and her boyfriend was one of the Milk Farmer 'protesters' in Belgium which is a big issue in Brussels currently (see my friend Reid's blog). He's actually Bavarian (German) so he already had some lederhosen on hand, but seemed like a good costume to all of us!
Mommy and her little pumpkin, once she decided to join the party
Our attempt at a family Halloween photo
Comparing the two pumpkins...I'm sure Reagan wouldn't mind trying it as well!
Another shot of Reagan and her 'Domestic Diva' mother (actually I can't take full credit for the apron since it was a going away present for Shannon from his Deloitte coworkers in Nebraska since he used to cook all the time, but now the roles have reversed and he barely is ever in the kitchen)
Some photos I took of Reagan the next day since she slept in her pumpkin onesie. I didn't want to wake her up since she was sound asleep after we got home from the party.
Here's a series of shots I snapped of her since she was full of smiles and cute expressions!


Megan Haynes said...

ahh...the Halloween outfit on Reagan is so darn cute! your friend that hosted the party is martha stewart! amazing cupcakes!

Reid said...

I love the pumpkin costume - on both Reagan and Shannon. I am impressed at how participative your friends were in dressing up; I am always horrible at costuming.