Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Keukenhof, Holland: Flower garden (Apr 26)

This past weekend Shannon and I and two of our friends traveled up to Keukenhof, Holland where they are known for having the most beautiful spring garden in the world. Kuekenhof's park is only open for 2 months out of the year (roughly Mar. 20 - May 20). We arrived around 1 PM and had a picnic lunch in the parking lot on a grass field because we decided it wasn't worth carrying our coolers and other items around the park as it was rather busy.

It by far is the most amazing garden of flowers I've ever seen. I was told it is the most photographed park in the world when it is in bloom. The tulips and hyanthises are quite spectacular as I've never seem them get so large and full. We admired a breath-taking splendor of colors along with taking in the wonderful smell of all the flowers. They also have other things to enjoy in the park like sculptures, water fountains, a children's playground and small animal farm, obstacle courses, climbing up an old windmill, watching wooden clogs being made, souvenir shops and mention a few things. They even have a dragon made out of flowers in honor of China who is hosting the 2008 Olympics. Also on the outskirts of the park there are several fields full of tulips and other flower varieties like daffodils and hyanthises. In addition we saw a really cool parade where all the floats were made out of flowers (I'll attach pictures later since they're on a different camera).

I'm sure I'll be back to visit since it was such a wonderful experience!

Flowers everywhere!

Creator of the famous "Wooden Shoes / Clogs"

Flowers in the design of a dragon in honor of the Beijing Olympic Games

Tulip fields outside of the park
Traditional Holland Windmill

My friend Emilie and me

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Kathy said...

BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!!! I'm not so excited about my 3 tulips that bloomed this week anymore. It looks like you and Shannon are having an amazing time and hopefully one of these days we will get to see this stuff in person.