Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Royal Greenhouses in Laeken (Apr 19) & Ghent outing with Deloitte (Apr 17-18)

The Royal Greenhouses of the Monarchy are only open 2-3 weeks of the year around the end of April and early May, so we thought we'd better check them out. They are located in Laeken, Belgium which is basically a suburb of Brussels. This is actually where the King and his family reside while his official palace is in the center of Brussels where he exercises his prerogatives as Head of State.

Not only were the greenhouses quite nice, but the grounds around the Royal Castle of Laeken were also very beautiful. It almost looked like the King had a golf course around the palace with a few ponds scattered throughout the grounds. Inside the greenhouses, we saw a variety of plants and flowers, such as palm trees, geraniums, orange and banana trees and several more which I didn't know the names of.

Earlier in the week, Shannon's employer, Deloitte, had an overnight team building event in Ghent, Belgium where wives were also invited. After their meetings we had a nice dinner at a restaurant called Belga Queen that is located by the canals. The next day we all went for a short tour of Ghent which included a boat ride on the canals. This city has several beautiful old buildings along with a castle, clock tower, cathedrals and much more. For more information on Ghent, see one of my older blogs since this was our second time to this spectacular city.

Royal Greenhouses - Laeken

Japanese tower in Royal Gardens - Laeken

Royal Greenhouses - Laeken

Orange Tree in Royal Greenhouses - Laeken

Royal Greenhouses - Laeken

Medieval architecture - Ghent

Ghent Canals

Boat ride through canals - Ghent

Gravensteen Castle - Ghent
Medieval architecture - Ghent
Joker on stilts/springs - Ghent tour

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