Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner organized by American Club of Brussels (Nov 27)

Even though Thanksgiving is obviously not celebrated here (it's mostly an American / Canadian holiday), we were still able to enjoy a few festivities that come along with its special day. The American Club of Brussels hosted a Thanksgiving feast at the Sheraton Hotel for all those, mostly expats, who didn't want to miss out on the tradition (I believe around 100 people were there). Shannon and I along with some of his coworkers and their spouses attended the wonderful dinner (luckily, Deloitte covered the bill for its employees and spouses because we heard it cost around 67 euro which converts to almost $90 per plate!). Besides the turkey and stuffing, we had clam chowder as the starter, then sweet potatoes (Shannon's favorite), green beans and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and gravy, beets, corn casserole, bread and cranberry Jell-O. It was all really good until we arrived at the desserts which are usually my favorite part (and I think Shannon's as well)! They had a nice selection consisting of pumpkin, pecan, apple and mince meat pies. However, they tasted nothing like they're supposed to...oh well, it was a nice attempt! Thankfully, we had Shannon's Grandma's famous pecan pie and Lynda's peach pie while we were back in Nebraska recently to make up for the pies we had on Thanksgiving Day!

Shannon, me, Stephanie & Rick at the Sheraton Hotel for the American Club of Brussels Thanksgiving Dinner

Lou, Brittany, Leah & Nathan (Brittany & Nathan work at Deloitte)
Our Thanksgiving was pretty good, but nothing like my Aunt Marilyn's Thanksgiving feast I heard!
Lou, the nominated Turkey carver for our table, as his girlfriend looks on (each table received their own stuffed turkey)
Our desserts...they don't look too bad, but don't let that fool you. They were nothing compared to the pies that Shannon and I are used to back home! (Apple, Pecan & Pumpkin pie...false attempts at their true potential!)

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Dallas said...

I wanted to thank you for posting about the American Club of Brussels. I had seen the website for the American Women's Club, but I didn't know there was another general membership one. I just moved to Belgium from the US and am eagerly checking out expat groups. I'll check out their website.