Monday, April 13, 2009

Creativa Exposition with Dallas & Sarah (Mar 14)

My friend Dallas had told me about the Creativa Exposition awhile ago, and we decided it would be fun to check out. Her friend Sarah also came along and had some extra discount tickets, so it ended up being very reasonable to attend.

There was about every type of craft you could imagine at the Exposition. We saw several booths of beads/jewelry, flower arrangements, purses, cooking/baking equipment, fabric, scrapbooking materials, paper mache, ceramic mosaic tiles, lace, large bowls of loose tea and spices, glitter, baby clothes and even silk worms! I'm sure there are others I'm missing as it was quite a large event.

I was hoping this event would inspire me to become more creative, but unfortunately I haven't been that ambitious lately! I do have a sewing machine, thanks to Shannon's mom, in our storage room which I've thought about dragging out several times, but no luck! Lately, I've only done some hand sewing to mend a few items of Shannon's along with attach some missing buttons to our garments. I'm hoping when I finally decide to start using the sewing machine that it all comes back to me. A long time ago, I used to sew in 4-H and even modeled some of my clothes at the Fair.

Anyway, at the Exposition, I bought some glue dots for scrapbooking, a fabric cutting board and a few fat yards of fabric that I plan on making a pillow or two with. The others also bought some fabric as well. They actually sew quite a bit and even make quilts which is hard for me to fathom. I'm jealous of their talents and hopefully they will inspire me to become more adventurous when it comes to sewing! Feel free to check out Dallas and Sarah's blogs on this event.
Overall, we all thought it was fun and hope to begin a craft night at some point. In my attempt to be crafty over the last year, I have made a trivet out of wine corks, Belgium beer bottle cap magnets, earrings, cute gift boxes and cards and a bit of scrapbooking. I've also been saving Belgium Beer labels and coasters so I can make a serving tray someday.

Lots of glitter!
Just one example of some of the beautiful fabrics we saw
I thought this was a unique quilt
Demonstrating how some of the famous Belgium lace is made
Sarah and Dallas smelling the assortment of teas
Beads galore!
Lids that you can put on your pots, even on the stove, or other bowls to seal your food and keep it fresh
There were several flower arrangement booths
Silk worms - if you look really close, you can see their tiny threads

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Dallas said...

Your photos came out great. And you just reminded me to set up a Craft Night for us. I just emailed about it.