Monday, April 20, 2009

Place Châtelain and Watermael-Boitsfort Market (Weiner) with friends (Apr 1 & 5)

Going to markets is becoming a way of life for me which is already the case for most Europeans. I especially enjoy going to the Châtelain Market on Wednesday afternoons and usually end up meeting up with some girls for drinks or lunch and then a stroll through the market to get our weekly goods. Stephanie and I are regular market goers and are always up to try new ones, but we make it a tradition to go to the Châtelain Market almost every week since it's only a 15 minute walk from our apartments. Some of the items we buy include: fruit, vegetables, specialty cheeses, bread, olives, sun dried tomatoes, flowers, rotisserie chickens, fish and occasionally tarts or pastries. Châtelain Market is also known as being a social gathering place later in the evenings where people enjoy drinking wine, beer and a variety of foods, such as oysters or Thai cuisine, among tables within the market and nearby cafes. Many people agree that Châtelain has its own unique charm enticing people to come back over and over.

Another market my friend, Dallas, told me about is the Watermael-Boitsfort Market on Sunday mornings only a short tram ride away from my apartment (Weiner stop on the 94 tram). It's a fairly large market winding up and down a few streets along with occupying a small square. I've only been to this market a few times, but definitely think it's worth a trip when I need to buy lots of stuff since there is such a big variety and prices seem to be pretty good. Though, on the weekends, I tend to go to the Flagey Market which is about a 5 minute walk from our apartment if I only need a few items...I guess convenience wins there.

Enjoying drinks on a beautiful Spring day with friends, Maisie, Simone, Marta and Stephanie, at a cafe in Place Châtelain
One of the flower booths at the market
One of my friends, Leah, told me that Shannon wanted me to buy this belly dancing outfit...I definitely would have a lot to jiggle, but I decided against it!
This is the fruit vendor I visit frequently which has lots of samples. Beautiful bouquets of flowers for great prices...if only Shannon got off work early enough to buy me flowers occasionally; though, I splurge every once in awhile!
There are a few homemade bread vendors
There are also some cute bags, clothes and other accessories at Châtelain Market.
Now I'm at the Watermael-Boitsfort Market eyeing the olive booth and other Middle Eastern specialties.
Vicky and I purchased a rotisserie chicken for lunch. Of course I chose the corn fed chicken and she chose the grass fed chicken...hmm I wonder which one's healthier, I have a feeling not mine!
Dried sausages which I don't buy too often because I think they look funny, but they actually taste pretty good.
Buying some healthy vegetables with Stephanie
Vicky buying some tulips as there is quite a selection to choose from at the markets


Missy said...

I am so jealous. We are definitely hitting up these when we are over there! The farmers market here when you get back is going to be a joke!!!

sushil Kumar said...

Just love the sights and views of Brussels and Belgium, especially those near my school ISB...brings back wonderful memories from way back in 1984...wish I could go back someday. Thanks a lot for allowing me to revisit those memories!