Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hallerbos, Belgium's Blue Forest (Apr 19)

After the Waterloo Antique Market, we went to the Hallerbos Forest to enjoy the carpet of blue flowers that covers the forest floor for a few weeks each Spring. They are referred to as bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) which are spring-flowering bulbous perennial plants with flowers shaped like tiny bells. They thrive under the beech trees of the Hallerbos in late April.
We, along with several others, enjoyed walking on the trails surrounded by the beautiful bluebells. There are also paths for cycling and horseback riding. I think this will be an annual outing if we can catch the timing correctly each year...it will be so much fun to take pictures of our little girl in this amazing setting (as long as she doesn't try to eat the pretty flowers!)

The beginning of our walk through the blue covered forest
It was like posing for Senior pictures, only I was a bit skinnier back then, oh, and not pregnant!
Look at all those crazy blue flowers!
Some more Senior photo shots!
This is me a little over 6 months along
Map of the Hallerbos Forest
There are several trails throughout the forest

Shannon just hanging out on one of the trees that had fallen over on the trail

We loved all the winding trails through the forest

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