Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunday Morning Antique Market in Waterloo, Belgium (Apr 19 & May 17)

Shannon and I have ventured down to the town of Waterloo a few times before realizing that they have a great Sunday morning antique market. Being antique buffs, we were excited to hear about this market from the American Women's Club of Brussels and even more thrilled that it's only around 30 minutes away. You can find a bit of everything here from tables, old coffee grinders, hardware (old fashion door knobs, hinges, ect...), glasses, furniture, trunks, wooden wagons, clothes, flower planters, paintings, clocks, cabinets, mirrors, and the list goes on. The first time we went it took us almost 2 hours to see everything, and some booths had even closed-up since we got there so late. It only goes until noon or slightly after and is located in the Carrefour parking lot in Waterloo. On our initial visit we only came with a small amount of cash which was probably a good thing because it's hard for us to walk away at times! Our second trip down to the market, we found a cool cast iron door knob and Shannon picked out an old brass gun wall decoration (if you don't know Shannon, he loves anything gun related!). I almost bought an old cast iron 'letter slot' contraption that you see on several of the old doors throughout Europe for their mail. We also spotted the 'guts' of a grandfather clock which Shannon wants to build a clock out of someday, but decided it was too expensive. I already bought an old German coffee grinder, but need to find a good one for my sister-in-law at some point as she hinted at liking them as well. I'm sure we'll be making more trips down to this market along with the antique market in Tongeren which I blogged about earlier this year.

One of several ornate tables
Iron flower planters
A variety of old coffee grinders which are seen often in Europe
Some beautiful wooden trunks which have been restored or are reproductions
Shannon searching through all the old hardware, trying to find something for our dream house which he hopes to build when we move home!
Checking out the military hats
I liked this fruit painting
Some day we will own one of these massive wine racks...I think they're so cool!
I also like the old irons
More antique hardware from old homes or buildings
Old fire engine pedal car actually manufactured in the USA
Some interesting candle light fixtures
Wagons, desks and skis

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Diane Andrews said...

My husband and I visited these markets in Waterloo, and even though the weather was extremely cold in Spetember, we found lots of bargins and had heaps of fun talking to locals and seeing the beautiful antiques. I purchased several old rusty large keys which are so beautiful. Now I am looking to buy heaps more (my daughter is getting married and is having a rustic wedding, she intends using them on the day) if anyone is able to put me in contact with someone from the market would be very greatful. regards Diane