Thursday, October 29, 2009

American Women's Club Halloween Party (Oct 18)

About two weeks before Halloween we attended the American Women's Club of Brussels Halloween party organized by the Mothers of Young Children group. Even though Reagan was too young too participate in the activities, we thought it would still be fun to acknowledge her first Halloween. Reagan was a little pumpkin thanks to one of my friends in the States (Charity) who mailed me a cute jack-o-lantern onesie for her. We didn't know many of the families there and were grateful when some of our friends Reid, Kirk, and Connor showed up (check out Reid's blog on the event as well). We did meet another nice couple who have a 2 year old and are expecting and live in Liege (east of Brussels).

They had several activities for the kids to do, such as gluing pumpkin faces on orange goody bags and decorating little cups along with Halloween bingo. They also had trick-or-treating within the clubhouse with several volunteers handing out candy. I decided Reagan didn't have to join in because I would have indulged in all of her goodies and we all know that's not how to get your pre-pregnancy body back! Even though I really could have gone for some Reese's peanut butter cups and candy corn since you can't find those here (I noticed lots of the candy was imported from the US). However, Shannon and I did partake in some of the amazing snacks such as decorated frosted sugar cookies, cupcakes, mini pizzas with jack-o-lantern faces, brownies, miniature pigs in the blanket and much more.

Our little pumpkin
Had to coordinate colors!
Just a sample of some of the delicious treats that were on hand
Reagan and her Daddy eating some treats
Reid, Connor, Reagan and me...Connor was an adorable little ballerina.
I think all the action was a bit too much for our little pumpkin as she crashed hard half-way through the event.
We took some more photos when we got home as well
Her chubby cheeks fit her costume well! The following are a series of shots with her cute little expressions!

The following are a few shots of Reagan and Mommy

She does like her two fingers quite a bit and sometimes that thumb!


Reid said...

it was a festive event and your little pumpkin was the cutest. love the shots of you guys color coordinating at home. see you at the christmas party I hope!

Anonymous said...

What cute pics Ali! Can't wait to see her next month. Well and you of course!! Glad you had a great trip last week, can't wait to hear all about it!! Miss ya!!