Thursday, October 29, 2009

Traveling Textile Market in Hasselt, Belgium (Oct 14)

I've always wanted to check out one of these traveling textile markets, so one of my friends, Leah, and I, along with Reagan, headed to Hasselt, Belgium, to see what they were all about. I think we were probably some of the youngest people there, but it was still a lot of fun. I'm not sure Leah was too thrilled but am fortunate she came along as she was a big help with Reagan and even hauled her around in the baby bjorn carrier while I rummaged through the endless aisles of fabric. I was amazed with the variety of fabrics, everything from wool, knit, cotton, silk, corduroy, vinyl, linen, fleece, velour, patchwork and much more!

By the way, these fabric markets are organized by the Stoffen Spektakel organization and occur throughout Holland and northern Belgium in the Spring and Autumn. There are over 50 participating merchants each with their own style and interesting products.

I'm actually not an avid sewer, but am hoping to get into it more. My sister-in-law, Kathy, is actually an amazing sewer; thus, I tried to keep an eye out for creative fabrics and bias tape for her as she is always looking for unique ones for her business, 'Emma Girl Designs'. She makes really fun and trendy baby / kid clothes and more. She has an Etsy website and does numerous craft shows around Nebraska and in addition sells her items at a few baby stores in Lincoln and Omaha. Here is her Etsy website if anyone wants to check it out:

Excuse my descriptions of fabric below since I didn't pay attention to any of the names of the 'lines of fabric'. Maybe the next trip I make to one of these markets I'll make a note to find them out. Another friend, Dallas, who's quite fabric savvy, and I might try to hit one before they end for the year; if not, I'm sure we'll make a point to check one of them out in the Spring when they're held outdoors.

Even though I really liked the Autumn floral fabric, I ended up buying a meter of the other two fabrics in this photo since I thought they had more of a Spring and Summer feel.
Leah sporting the baby bjorn carrier with Reagan
Some cute purple fabrics
I also bought some of the turquoise fabric (2nd from the left) since I thought it was fun and reminded me of the Russian dolls.
This fabric, which I'm assuming was meant for curtains or something on a large scale, reminded me of my nephew who's really into the movie CARS.
More of a bold feel
Cute corduroy fabrics
Bias tape and trimmings...I bought one of these as well for my sister-in-law (not sure if you can see it in this box, but it's pink and has little aqua owls on it with little trees; anyway, I thought it looked interesting; hopefully she can find some use for it!)
Some more corduroy fabrics

More examples of bias tape
Some more bold fabrics
They had a huge selection of buttons and other accessories.
Example of one of the booths, though this one was a little bit chaotic. About the best deals you could find were for 3 - 5 euros per meter ($4.40 - $7.35)
Here's a few silk fabrics with crazy designs


Reid said...

looks like fun. can't wait to see how these fabrics take shape...literally. I am impressed by anyone who knows anything about sewing.

Megan Haynes said...

jealous!! this looks like the ideal way to spend the for fabric :)

Joe Biden said...

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