Friday, May 15, 2009

Another cousin of Shannon's, Christine, along with some of her friends, swung by Brussels for a few days (Apr 16)

Shannon's cousin, Christine, and some of her friends were doing a European trip and decided to stop through Brussels for a few days. They began in Berlin, Germany and then went to Prague, Czech Republic and finally took another train to Brussels, Belgium, where Shannon picked them up and brought them back to our place. I had a few quiches from Les Tartes de Francoise along with a speculoos cheese cake waiting for them when they arrived. I also had some hummus, cheese, olives and bread on hand because those are staples in our home these days. We showed them around Brussels after they had freshened up a bit since they were a little exhausted after riding the night (sleeper) train from Prague. We showed them the normal sights of Brussels: Grand Place, Manneken Pis, Cathedral of St Michael, Palace of Justice, Royal Palace and Park, Sablon District, Rue des Bouchers (restaurant row), Gaasbeek Castle, Cinquantenaire Park and a few other places. They only stayed with us for 2 nights and one of the days they took the train up to Amsterdam, so we didn't have time to show them as much as we would have liked. I think they had a good time touring all their destinations, but overall enjoyed Prague the best when I asked which was their favorite city. The next day Shannon brought them to the airport and back they went to the US. It was nice having visitors and made our empty apartment come alive for a few days since we had 4 extra people staying with us.

Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos when they were here, but if you look back at older posts you'll see several pictures of Brussels.

Jason, Christine, Nicole, Nicki, me and Shannon at the Belgian Restaurant 'Le Volle Gas' which was extremely good!


Christine said...

We had a BLAST visiting! Sad we could only be there for a couple days, but we were on the "whirl wind" tour of Europe! I'm thinking I might need another trip. I might be coming by again!

Christine said...

I also need to send you more pic's.....I'll go through them soon and send them your way! I'm not nearly as organized as you! ;-)

Nikkiy said...

It was such a great trip it was wonderful getting to know you both and thanks so much for the amazing time!!