Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stumbling upon a unique Chocolate Shop: Zaabär Chocolatier + épicier (Apr 9)

I must have a nose for chocolate because I always seem to stumble upon chocolate shops as I'm walking around Brussels which isn't too difficult
considering we live in a country known for its chocolate! On this particular day, Stephanie and I were headed to Schleiper, a huge craft store, similar to Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and ended up walking by Zaabär's Chocolatier who happened to be demonstrating how they make their chocolates. Thus, we had to stop and check it out for ourselves and of course have a few samples! We decided we deserved them because we had come from the gym! (translation of book title: I want some chocolate!)

Zaabär is known for its enchanting flavors and amazing creations using exotic fruits, flowers and spices in combination with their rich, fine chocolate. Their shop on chaussée de Charleroi near Place Stephanie is both a sales and production area. The workshop is open to the public with occasional tours allowing you to discover the secrets of the chocolate maker's masterpieces. In addition, the workshop includes sales and sampling areas where you can find everything you want, so I was basically in heaven! Here is their website if you'd like to read more about them:

Refining the chocolate to make it nice and creamy! (sorry...not the most 'tasteful' looking picture!)
Smoothing and cooling the chocolate on a marble table
Some of their Easter creations
Easter bunnies on a stick
An assortment of truffles
Spices they use in their chocolates to give them their unique flavor
Chocolate dipped apricots...I really liked these!
I think these are clusters or at least something with nuts
Chocolate dipped kiwi


Reid said...

oh wow! i definitely have to go there. a craft shop with this chocolate paradise on the there anything better?!? thanks for the good idea!

Leigh Ann said...

I stumbled across your blog tonight and enjoyed it very much. My husband and I lived in Ixelles for 3 years '93-'96 and then spent two years in Paris before moving back to the US. Your posts remind me of how wonderful it was-and how hard,too. We lived at 64 ave Emile Duray and shopped the same markets, walked around l'etangs d'Ixelles on nice evenings and rode our bikes out to the chateau de La Hulpe (solvay) many a nice weekend. We have a photo of the Abbe de la Cambre up in our kitchen to this day.

We still love Belgian beer, chocolate, miss the poulet roti from the markets and learned a great deal about living a satisfying life from living there.

I didn't see where you had visited the beach much yet. One of our favorites was Knokke -le Zout. We camped (I saw you had a tent) across the border in the Netherlands and rode our bikes to the beach each day(1/2 hr at most)- the camp ground was at the beach, but Knokke is so much fun,if expensive to stay (especially if the weather turns foul).

The AWC was a great resource and was much nicer than the one in Paris. I missed it greatly when we moved.

Hope you don't mind if I (re) live a little vicariously by stopping by now and again.

a bientot, Leigh Ann

Ali Meyer said...

You're welcome to stop by my blog anytime! I just posted a blog about the Abbaye de la Cambre which you said you have a picture of on your frig, so you'll have to compare!

It sounds like you had a lovely time living in Brussels and enjoyed lots of the same amenities as we do...especially the chocolate and beer, which I unfortunately can't drink at the moment! We also buy the poulet roti quite often from the markets which are seasoned so nicely.

We haven't spent much time at the beach except for a quick stop over in Ostend and I think we drove through Knokke which seemed very upscale. I'll have to remember your camping / biking idea for the future.

I'm actually heading to the AWCB today with a few friends for a brocante/consigment sale they're doing at the club. It is a wonderful resource and I really enjoy volunteering in the gift boutique and using their travel books from the library. They also organize so many great outings.

I hope you found a nice place to settle in the US as I'm sure it was hard to repatriate.

Merci pour visiter mon blog!