Friday, May 15, 2009

Easter morning with Shannon's cousin, McKenzie, on her short layover and then we were off to the Church of Scotland (Apr 12)

We didn't really have big plans for Easter except that Shannon's cousin, McKenzie, from the Virginia / Washington DC area had a short layover in Brussels before heading down to Dakkar, Africa for work. We picked her up from the airport and went for a quick breakfast at Au Vatel in Place Jourdan and then just walked through the market on the square. We even had time to show her our apartment and the abbey next to us. She brought us a cute baby gift from her family, an Obama onesie and a stuffed animal called a Peculiar Pet which is made from repurposed vintage textiles. I'm sure our baby will be drawing attention in Europe with this cute onesie which reads: OBAMA - a new birth of freedom!

Before we knew it, her 3 hours were up and we dropped her back off at the airport. It was nice visiting with her especially since I had never met her in person, only on webcam, which doesn't count!

Once we got back to our apartment, we rushed off to church for Easter service. We found a small Presbyterian church within a 10 -15 walk from our apartment called The Church of Scotland which we've occasionally been attending. It reminds me of my church back in Fairfield and gives me a nice warm feeling and they even sing some of the same songs. We are fortunate to have found an English speaking church so close by.

We stopped for pastries and a coffee/tea/hot chocolate at Au Vatel in Place Jourdan (McKenzie and Shannon)
Mckinsey at the market in Place Jourdan
The nice gift McKenzie brought us from her mom, Wanda, and the rest of the family

The church we attend occasionally called The Church of Scotland (Presbyterian).

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